Clashes Expected at Climate Meeting

UN Conference seeks to reduce GHG theatening"cataclysmic" changes to earth's climate

Published: 13-Nov-2000

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) - A crucial U.N. conference opened Monday hoping to bridge sharp differences on how to reduce greenhouse gases that threaten to bring cataclysmic changes to the earth's climate.

Recent flooding in Europe, which some scientists attribute partially to global warming, added to the sense of urgency in reaching an agreement. The floods, mainly in Britain and Italy, have been blamed for 19 deaths.

Under the banner ``Work it out,'' some 10,000 bureaucrats, scientists, environmentalists and businessmen from 150 countries began two weeks of meetings, lobbying and tough negotiations over how to comply with an international treaty to roll back emissions of heat-trapping gases to less than what they were 10 years ago.



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