American Buyers Moving Away From Big SUVs

While US automakers held their own in March, sales of SUVs slowed on rising gasoline prices as buyers shift to more fuel efficient options.

Published: 04-Apr-2005

uto sales shifted gears in March, gaining 4.6 per cent compared with a year ago with the Big Three US manufacturers generally holding their ground despite a surge from some Asian automakers.

Figures from AutoData Corp. showed 1,576,828 light vehicles sold in the month, a solid increase notwithstanding an extra selling day compared with March 2004. The figures translate to an annualised sales pace of 16.85 million.

Jason Schenker at Wachovia Securities said the data "looks fairly solid," with a shift away from large sport utility vehicles.

"That's the natural course of events given the high gasoline prices," he added.



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