Clinton Seeks to Regulate CO2 Emissions from Power Plants

Proposal marks first time federal regulations seek to specifically control chief greenhouse gas.

Published: 12-Nov-2000

President Clinton called today for new federal regulations limiting power plants' emissions of carbon dioxide, a gas thought to cause global climate change, through a system similar to the rules now in place for pollutants that cause smog and acid rain.

It would be the first time that federal regulations specifically controlled emissions of carbon dioxide, the main so-called greenhouse gas. At the same time, Mr. Clinton called for similar controls on emissions of mercury, another pollutant that is given off by some power plants but is not regulated by the air pollution laws.

Any such expansion of pollution rules would probably require action by Congress, where there is significant opposition to the idea. But the administration contends that without this kind of step, a global treaty to reduce the risks of global warming will probably fail.



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