Touring Chicago's Modern Architecture By Segway

The Lakefront by Segway tour couples advancements in architecture with those of modern technology, offering a lesson on Michigan Avenue's architectural history, as well as a hands-on driving tutorial for the Segway Human Transporter.

Published: 02-Apr-2005

As legend has it, Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked down a lantern in her barn, starting the infamous 1871 fire which burned downtown Chicago down to the ground. Tragic as it was, the Great Chicago Fire opened the way for architectural and aesthetic innovation, which helped the city become the top design and touring destination it is today. For the Chicago Architectural Foundation, this modern fact was recently translated into three additional architectural tours, bringing the group’s grand total to a whopping 80.

Founded in 1966, the Chicago Architectural Foundation strives to educate and promote public awareness of Chicago's built environment with the “highest standards.” According to Jason Neises, director of Tour and Volunteers Services for the organization, sticking to these standards ensures that Chicago remains "the number-one destination for architectural landmarks."

Among its many offerings, the foundation’s new tours feature a guided photo-opportunity of Millennium Park, bus tours of Lincoln and West Parks and the Boulevards, and a Lakefront tour courtesy of the ultra-modern Segway--an electric scooter which can be driven in pedestrian areas.



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