Where Are All The Cool Cars?

Tired sedans and bland jelly beans: columnist Mark Morford looks for a new car, finds Big Auto wanting and peak oil sulking just around the corner.

Published: 02-Apr-2005

I have looked. I have researched. I am driven. So to speak.

I scour my favorite car blogs like jalopnik.com and I read insider sites like autospies.com and regularly peruse all the mainstream online car mags from roadandtrack.com to motortrend.com to caranddriver.com to autoweek.com and I even read obscure ultra-car fanatic sites like autoextremist.com, and I have only come to one unerring and irrevocable conclusion: new cars suck.

I am in the market. I have pored over pics of the new models coming out from almost every European automaker and have appropriately salivated over sexy small overpriced ridiculously impractical German cars costing more than double my new-car operating budget.



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