Ignoring Shrinking Oil Supply Will Put USA Over A Barrel

University of Kentucky journalism major Jonathan Meador sees trouble ahead unless the USA gets serious about looming peak oil crisis.

Published: 31-Mar-2005

Democracy invading the Middle East, the dethroning of the King of Pop, a horrific tsunami disaster, Hunter Thompson blowing his brains out - and we're only on the cusp of April.

So far, this year of our Lord 2005 has seen its fair share of historical goings-on, and it's a testament to the glory of our beloved news media that we've been treated to such spectacular coverage of these events, live and in living color, ranging from the compelling (to pull the tube or not to pull the tube?) to the not-so-compelling (Brad and Jen calling it quits? Say it ain't so!).

At this rate, by June I'll need a Tivo just to keep my head above the water.


Visits to China, India, Malaysia and Pakistan are significant because the trip spells out the Saudi Kingdom's Look East policy, representing a new reorientation in its foreign policy that was heavily tilted toward the West.

The worst two scenarios suggest a drastic decline in output to 875,000 barrels a day by the end of 2007 and to just 520,000 a day by the end of 2008.

Bush said he envisioned a future in which a plug-in hybrid car could drive 40 miles on a lithium-ion battery, then stop at a filling station for ethanol, a fuel usually made from corn, similar to HyMotion Prius pictured below.


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