'Bio Willie' Nelson To the Rescue

Ailing Texas truckstop enjoys business turn-around after it introduces "Bio Willie" biodiesel fuel promoted by country music legend, Willie Nelson.

Published: 30-Mar-2005

The high price of diesel fuel has proven to be a boost, and not a burden, for Texas' most famous truck stop.

Carl Cornelius runs Carl's Corner on Interstate 35 near Hillsboro, just south of Dallas. He says when diesel prices started skyrocketing, he thought his truck stop, a landmark to motorists along the busy highway, which is so large it has it's own town, might be facing serious financial problems. Problems similar to the fire that leveled the truck stop in 1992.

But in stepped Willie Nelson, who made Cornelius the chief supplier of "Bio Willie," the 20% vegetable oil truck fuel the singer is pushing as a way to increase farm employment.


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