2005 Tour de Sol to Feature Monte Carlo-style Rally

$5,000 prize will be given to most fuel-efficient vehicle that breaks the 100-mpg barrier.

Published: 29-Mar-2005

Greenfield, MA. – Mar 25, 2005 – $10,000 in awards will be given to the most fuel efficient vehicles in the National Monte Carlo-style Rally this May. The prizes will be given to production hybrid or bio-diesel vehicles that travel a minimum of 150 miles, at an average of over 55 mpg. A $5,000 prize will be given to most fuel-efficient vehicle that breaks the 100-mpg barrier. Vehicles can start at any of 15 locations across US and Canada, and must arrive in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. by noon on May 14, 2005

"The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association has created this all-new Monte Carlo-style Rally for people with advanced vehicles that reduce petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions" says Nancy Hazard, executive director of NESEA, organizer of the 2005 Tour de Sol. www.NESEA.org. "Scores of advanced vehicles will converge at the Tour de Sol finish line at Saratoga’s Spring Auto Show, to celebrate how we can reduce our need for foreign oil today."

"Gas prices, along with our dependence on foreign source oil, are on the rise," said Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, Chairman of the House Science Committee.  "Reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and promoting the use of alternative energies will continue to remain top priorities.  New York State is a leader in renewable energy programs and is setting the pace for the rest of the nation.  Events like this are vital to demonstrate the exceptional technology produced by U.S. engineers, to develop new solutions to solve our nation’s energy crisis."

Self paced Monte Carlo-style Hybrid Rally - Entrants will travel to Saratoga Springs, NY at  their own pace, starting at any of 15 pre-selected starting sites across the US and Canada. Many entrants have already registered from as far as Washington State, 2500 miles away. There will be nine categories of vehicles, with a minimum rally distance of 150 miles. The Rally finish ceremony and award presentation will be part of Saratoga’s Spring Auto Show on Sat. May 14 at the Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY, at 3 PM.  www.tourdeSol.org

TEST of NEW 30 mpg HYBRID SUV’s – A special challenge has been thrown out to FORD, Toyota and Lexus to see which of the new Sport Utility Hybrids will get the best mileage with their new SUV’s. This is the first event that will demonstrate the efficiency of the 3 NEW Sport Utility Hybrids, which the public will also get to see in Saratoga, at the finish line

Self paced Monte Carlo-style Rally 

Monte Carlo-style Rally participants are invited to join at one of our numerous starting sites around the US and Canada. After they have topped off and their fuel tank sealed, they will drive to the finish line at Stewarts’ Shops in Saratoga Springs, NY. There, they will a free fill up with gasoline or bio-diesel, compliments of Stewarts’ and Environmental Alternatives – and we will measure the fuel used. There are nine vehicle categories, and the minimum rally distance of 150 miles.

After filling up, Rally participants will join the Tour de Sol, the clean energy and transportation festival and competition, on Saturday, May 14 at Saratoga’s Spring Auto Show. $10,000 in awards will be presented at 3 PM. The Automotive Career Development Center is taking the lead in organizing the rally.

Tour de Sol – From the drawing board...to the show room...to the customer's garage

"The Monte Carlo-style Rally is a perfect addition to the Tour de Sol," says Nancy Hazard of NESEA. "While the Tour de Sol pushes the envelope so that we can all have cost competitive, zero carbon, non-toxic, domestically-produced energy and transportation, the Rally demonstrates what everyone can do today to help reach that goal."

Now in its 17th year, the Tour de Sol challenges auto companies, students, entrepreneurs, fuel suppliers, and government to work together, and design, build, and market vehicles that can meet our transportation needs without compromising our future.

From May 13-16, 2005, the general public is invited to see what Yankee ingenuity has created. In addition to talking with advanced vehicle owners participating in the Monte Carlo-style Rally, and students who have built vehicles to compete in the Tour de Sol Championship, attendees will have an opportunity to see three new hybrid SUV’s, Honda and Toyota’s hybrid sedans, electric bikes and scooters, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

After participating in Saratoga’s Spring Auto Show, which is organized by the Saratoga Auto Museum, On Monday, May 16, the Tour de Sol will parade to Albany for a free display on Albany’s Empire State Plaza.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the Center for Technology Commercialization are Premier sponsors of the Tour de Sol and Monte Carlo-style Rally. Supporting Sponsors include the New York Power Authority, the U.S. Department of Energy, Toyota, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Honda, and the Federal Highway Administration.

The Tour de Sol is organized by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), the nation’s leading regional education and advocacy association that aims to accelerate the deployment and use of renewable energy, and energy efficiency. NESEA produces major sustainable energy events that inspire and motivate large numbers of people to get involved and make a difference. For more information on the Tour de Sol and Monte Carlo-style Rally registration, go to www.TourdeSol.org or call 413-774-6051.


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