Electric Scooters Require Learners Permit, California Judge Reports

While California legislature supportive of motor scooters, including skateboards and pocket rockets, the Highway Patrol and other groups lobbied to have law modified.

Published: 25-Mar-2005

"It is not against the law to drive your car and use a cell phone," said Judge Garrett Olney during his annual guest presentation at the Chester Rotary Club on March 17.

After weeding through what must have been pounds of documents for unusual laws and legislation for 2005, Olney seemed to delight in catching club members off guard with the interesting facts he chose to share.

The first law addressed requirements for operating motor scooters - whether gasoline or electric - and included other vehicles defined by Olney as skateboards and pocket rockets.


Gasoline prices skyrocketing? No need to worry with a motor or electric scooter one gallon of gas will last for weeks.


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