California Cyclists Hoping for Critical Mass

Critical Mass participants gather under a number of different ecological banners and ideas -- riding for everything from the need for more bicycle lanes, to fighting global warming by reducing fossil fuel emissions, to reclaiming public space overrun with cars and trucks.

Published: 25-Mar-2005

cle riders in Modesto want respect, starting with courteous treatment from motorists; and, as long as we're dreaming, say Brian Robinson and Doug Gilbert, a few more bicycle lanes would be nice, too.

Robinson and Gilbert are working to put together a mass bicycle ride Friday afternoon, known as "Critical Mass."

"Basically," said Robinson, "we're trying to give Modesto an eco-friendly approach to transportation in the city.

"There are a lot of people who ride bikes in Modesto who tell us there aren't enough bike lanes. People are frustrated about the way bike riders are treated (by motorists)."



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