Raser to Demonstrate Symetron Technology on Grand Prix Course

Formula Lightning car with advanced motor and controller technology will be driven on Monaco's famed Grand Prix course during EVS 21.

Published: 24-Mar-2005

PROVO, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23, 2005--Raser (OTCBB:RSTG) will demonstrate its advanced motor and controller technology in a Formula Lightning car driven on the Grand Prix race course in Monaco as part of the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-21) held this year in Monaco April 2-6, 2005.

Monaco is the home of the world-famous "Grand Prix." Formula race cars are normally powered by large, high-performance combustion engines. In the Monaco demonstration, a small 150-pound Symetron(TM) electric motor alone will drive the Formula race car.

The Symetron(TM) motor powering this race car is about the same dimensions as the electric motor in the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle which combines an electric motor with a combustion engine. Raser's motor technology, however, will drive a Formula race car entirely on its own, delivering 420 ft.-lbs. of torque, and is capable of 500 hp without the help of a combustion engine. Participating in the event will be dignitaries from the country of Monaco, the Electric Vehicle Symposium and international media.

Raser will release performance results at the Monaco show that may prove Symetron(TM) to be the most powerful electric motor and controller technology available for hybrid vehicles today.

Raser VP Marketing David West commented, "This breakthrough means we have an electric motor technology powerful enough to replace the combustion engine in just about any vehicle."

Brent M. Cook, CEO of Raser Technologies, said, "Delivering this high power from the reliable and affordable AC induction platform is a significant achievement. Some hybrid automakers are considering motors that require a more expensive manufacturing process and costly rare earth materials such as neodymium. Raser's high performance is achieved by innovative design, not by adding expensive materials."

"Application of this technology will help make hybrid vehicles more affordable by reducing manufacturing costs," added D.J. Priano, sr. vice president of Raser Technologies. "The attainment of this performance level from AC induction technology also sends a powerful signal to the automobile industry that high-performance motors can be affordable.

"In addition, Symetron(TM)-enhanced motors may be brought to market faster in high volumes because they can be produced in existing AC induction manufacturing facilities," continued Priano.

The company is also planning on demonstrating the Formula car with Raser's new Symetron(TM) motor technology at the SAE World Congress in Detroit, April 11-16 and later this year in California and on the Bonneville Salt Flats, home of several world land speed records.

Additional information about the company's participation in EVS-21 and recent technology developments can be found on the company Web site: http://www.rasertech.com/monaco.html.

About Raser Technologies

Formed in 2003, Raser Technologies believes that its pending patents and proprietary intellectual property cover breakthrough technologies. Raser's Symetron(TM) technologies more efficiently harness electrical energy in electric motors, controllers, alternator and generator technologies. Application of Symetron(TM) generally requires simple changes to existing products, but yields significant increases in power, performance and efficiency without the use of exotic materials. Further information on Raser Technologies Inc. may be found at www.rasertech.com.

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