Amory Lovins Takes Energy-Efficiency Message to Asia

Founder of Rocky Mountain Institute urges Hong Kong government and businesses to shift to hydrogen-intensive energy as pathway to both cleaner environment and creater profitability.

Published: 20-Mar-2005

Turning away from a dependency on oil and reducing emissions that destroy the climate can follow a "business for profit" model, an expert in oil supply and climate change said Friday.

Amory Lovins, chief executive officer of research at the Rocky Mountain Institute, an entrepreneurial non-profit organization in the United States, made the comments at a lunch presentation hosted by Civic Exchange and the World Wildlife Foundation.

"We need to do something quite different, as China has done with its car efficiency standards," Lovins said.


LA couple lease Honda FCX fuel cell car in a grandiose experiment to demonstrate feasibility of the technology, except the local fire department won't let them use the hydrogen home refueling station Honda installed.

The eP-Ice Bear ice resurfacer is ideal for indoor use due to its zero-emissions powertrain that produces only water as a byproduct.

Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project will include two other field test sites in California.


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