Honda Debuts New Civic Concept

The Civic Concept's sharp lines and headlight shape are similar to those of the Accord Euro sedan and Odyssey people mover.

Published: 18-Mar-2005

After half a decade in the small car wilderness, Honda will return to its roots as a maker of small, sporty hatches when an all-new Civic goes on sale next year.

At the Geneva motor show a fortnight ago, the Japanese maker revealed what it called a Civic Concept but Honda sources have since said it is the 2006 model in all but minor details.

"Imagine the concept car with a conventional grille [rather than a clear plastic facade], regular wheels and brakes and you pretty much have the 2006 model," Drive's European source says.


The 2006 Civic Hybrid, which achieves an EPA estimated city/highway fuel economy of 49/51 miles per gallon, goes on sale October 19 with a price of $21,850, or $23,350 when equipped with Honda's optional satellite linked navigation system.

The 190-mile range is the equivalent of 51 mpg in a gasoline car. A range of 120 miles equals 32 mpg.

The award extends to the entire Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe lineup including the environmentally responsible Civic Hybrid and high-performance Civic Si models.


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