Toyota Plans More Hybrid Models

Toyota executive also advocating a carbon tax should be placed on all fossil fuels, but this tax should be a "neutral tax" with offsetting relief in corporate tax and for those at the lower end of the income tax scale.

Published: 10-Mar-2005

Toyota is committed to roll-out a wide variety of hybrid petrol/electric vehicles before the mass marketing of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles begins in about 15 years, according to Toyota New Zealand executive chairman Bob Field.

He told motoring writers at the launch of a new Daihatsu Sirion that the Toyota Motor Corporation was the first company to market hybrids and it was now selling its technology to rival motor companies.

Other motor manufacturers had initially dismissed hybrid technology as a stop-gap measure but they had now recognised that the world could not afford to wait for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


2006 model introduces slight styling changes, additional safety equipment and added amenity options including leather seats.

Toyota engineers demonstrated the steering controls in the 180-kg unit, which can reach speeds of up to 50 kph.

By the end of October, the largest Japanese automaker said, its worldwide hybrid vehicle sales totaled about 513,000 units.


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