High Gas Prices Spark Interest in Hybrid Vehicles

Soaring gasoline prices are causing some people to look for alternative transportation.

Published: 09-Mar-2005

On Monday, the price of regular unleaded gasoline in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Hazleton area rose to $1.92 a gallon, said Heidi Van Vooren, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman. The price is up 2 cents a gallon from the weekend and 20 cents a gallon since last year.

The price of gasoline typically increases around the spring and summer months," Van Vooren said. "The biggest factor influencing gas prices is the cost of crude oil, which was trading on the New York mercantile market for $50 a barrel."

Jake Bournazian, an economist for the Energy Information Administration, predicted by mid-April, gas prices will rise 15 cents a gallon and taper off.
"Over the next couple weeks, the price will increase 3 to 5 cents per week," Bournazian said.


Visits to China, India, Malaysia and Pakistan are significant because the trip spells out the Saudi Kingdom's Look East policy, representing a new reorientation in its foreign policy that was heavily tilted toward the West.

The worst two scenarios suggest a drastic decline in output to 875,000 barrels a day by the end of 2007 and to just 520,000 a day by the end of 2008.

Bush said he envisioned a future in which a plug-in hybrid car could drive 40 miles on a lithium-ion battery, then stop at a filling station for ethanol, a fuel usually made from corn, similar to HyMotion Prius pictured below.


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