Tempe Task Force Hears Noise on Scooters

Motorized Vehicle Task Force examines gasoline and electric scooters first hand to sample noise levels and safety issues.

Published: 08-Mar-2005

The scooter demonstration in the police department parking lot created more noise than expected.

The city's Motorized Vehicle Task Force met the night of Feb. 22 for the second time since its inception last month. In an attempt to understand the level of noise the scooters made, Task Force members Javier Rodriguez, Joseph Kinyon and Larry Iseli brought in their personal scooters so the other members and the media could ride for themselves.

When one such taker climbed aboard, Gilbert resident William Wrightson shouted over the noise from the gas-powered scooters at 14-year-old Joseph Kinyon to "open it up all the way."


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