Ultra Motor Looking to Offer E Bikes for $150

UK start-up planning to focus marketing efforts on "bike-happy regions".

Published: 07-Mar-2005

Take ye olde bicycle and add a motor to it, and though it may not have quite the same sex appeal as, say, the Segway, it does stand to set you back a lot less.

A new type of electric motor currently in development by Ultra Motor, a UK start-up, hopes to revolutionize the personal transportation and clean vehicle markets by being able to offer powered bikes for as low as $150 -- which is far less than you might pay for a decently tricked-out “analog” roadster in the States, besides being cheaper than the current crop of electric bikes.

However, the bikes are likely going to be primarily marketed in “environmentally conscious, bike-happy regions” which, in case you haven’t looked around lately, is not here. They could make a big splash in places like the Netherlands, or in India, whose government is cultivating a positive attitude towards nonpolluting public vehicles.


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