EV Devotees Hold Vigil for Cars They Love

GM contends vendors it worked with left GM in 1997 or '98 when we weren't able to order a high enough volume of parts to make it viable for them.

Published: 03-Mar-2005

While much of Southern California was getting ready for the Academy Awards on Saturday, 100 people showed up for a rally at the General Motors Training Facility in Burbank to support a group of electric vehicle devotees who have been protesting GM’s policies regarding its all-electric EV1 cars. Saturday’s gathering marked the eleventh day of a round-the-clock vigil that began February 16.

Actor Peter Horton decided to go electric after noticing "those sleek, sort of George Jetson EV1s shoot by me with surprising speed on the freeways. I thought, fine, I'll get an EV1. Along with simply loving the car, there was a sense that if this succeeded, it would significantly change the automotive landscape. But as I lifted the phone to make the call, I had no way of knowing that this simple, reasonable act was my first step into the electric car wars."

Santa Monica resident Paul Scott helped organize the vigil and the rally. He’s been hooked on electric, he says, since buying a RAV-4 two years ago. "It was incredible to me that these cars aren’t available to anyone who wants one."



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