Meet the City Mantis Electric Vehicle

Combining elements of a bike, electric scooter and moped, the City Mantis has a top speed of 16 mph and a range of 10-18 miles.

Published: 06-Feb-2005

City Mantis Is this really 21st century transport? The City Mantis (£299) is a fold-up electronic personal vehicle that reaches top speeds of 16mph over a distance range of 10 to 18 miles. It's probably a lot more fun to ride than it looks, but the electronic vehicle will hardly let you zip around town.

Combining elements of a bike, electric scooter and moped, the City Mantis is constructed around an aerodynamically enhanced aluminium composite hex box frame. The bike's not really about speed though. It also offers an innovative fold-up option, making it one of the most portable electronic transportation devices around. However, at 20kg, I don't think many of us will be swinging it over our shoulder to carry around, but the folding feature does make it convenient for carrying on public transport or slinging into the back of a car.

A twist grip throttle and chain drive acceleration, with thumb throttle, and dual suspension and fully adjustable steering to help keep you firmly in control. The City Mantis also boasts high impact resistant five-blade front wheels, a freewheeling hub and pedals, rear drum braking, a seat shock absorber and a battery 'kill switch'. It's environmentally friendly, too. The device takes around five hours to charge, but if you're down to half-power, 40 minutes' charging is enough to get you back to full power.


Garini Group of Brazil has placed their initial order for 2,255 units for shipment to the Evader/Garini assembly plant in Manaus, Brazil.

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