Utah Considering Two-Wheel Safety Bills

H.B. 159 would ban motorized -- gasoline and electric-powered -- two-wheel vehicles from city streets and sidewalks.

Published: 06-Feb-2005

Most of the transportation talk on Utah's Capitol Hill this session has been about the four-wheeled variety, that is, cars on highways. But a couple of bills turn their sights on two-wheeled transit - bicycles and pocket bikes.

One bill would amend traffic laws to require motorists to leave a safe distance of no less than three feet between their vehicle and bicycles when passing. The other bill would ban pocket bikes - miniature motorcycles with saddles less than two feet off the ground - from streets, highways and sidewalks.

Both are good ideas.


The novelty lies in that the battery power source for the motor is substituted by a fuel cell which, for its operation, only needs oxygen from the air and hydrogen contained under pressure in a small tank.


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