Emerging Risk Symposium Will Focus on Global Warming

Event at the Insurance Leadership Institute Will Analyze the Effects of Hurricanes and Global Warming on the Insurance Industry

Published: 04-Feb-2005

The Insurance Leadership Institute is pleased to host "Hurricanes, A New Path," an Emerging Risk Symposium on hurricanes and global warming. The February 23, 2005, symposium will feature expert presenters and participants from the worlds of academia, government and catastrophe modeling.

Symposium participants will examine the devastating toll hurricanes took on the U.S. in 2004, and discuss the long-term implications of global warming and catastrophic weather events on the insurance industry. Jim Elsner of Florida State University, Charles Meade of the RAND Institute, and Roger Pielke, Ph.D. of the University of Colorado will be the keynote presenters.

The symposium will feature experts presenting opinions on this risk to all GE Insurance Solutions (NYSE: GE) employees, invited guests and customers in a one-hour webinar broadcast all over the world. It will also include working breakout sessions that allow experts and guests to delve more deeply into critical issues.

About the Insurance Leadership Institute at GE Insurance Solutions

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., the Insurance Leadership Institute at GE Insurance Solutions is the pre-eminent learning and development center for the insurance and reinsurance industry. The Institute's mission is to bring practical knowledge and education to its customers.

Founded on a mission to "Build a Culture of Expertise and Innovation Through Leading Edge-Technology and Learning Networks with our Customers, Employees and the Industry," the Institute is a living representation of GE Insurance Solutions' commitment to the continued success and growth of its customers and the insurance industry.

The GE Insurance Solutions Insurance Leadership Institute offers:

-- State-of-the-Art, business-focused information and curriculum

-- A place where insurance and reinsurance experts discuss today's pressing issues and formulate actionable objectives

"The Insurance Leadership Institute is an integral element of GE Insurance Solutions' goal of delivering unsurpassed customer service," says Ron Pressman, chairman and CEO of GE Insurance Solutions. "The Institute is a living embodiment of a mindset that leverages our passion for sharing expertise and information with others, so we can all continue to build our businesses and achieve ongoing success for our industry."

More information on the Insurance Leadership Institute at GE Insurance Solutions is available at: http://www.geinsuranacesolutions.com.

About the Emerging Risk Symposium Series

The Emerging Risk Symposium series at the Insurance Leadership Institute at GE Insurance Solutions is designed to address topical issues confronting the insurance industry. The symposiums allow GE Insurance Solutions to work with its customers to understand the risks they face and ultimately succeed. These are much more than a presentation about a specific topic, they are an in depth analysis of what the issues mean to GE Insurance Solutions and how we underwrite in the marketplace.

About GE Insurance Solutions

GE Insurance Solutions protects people, property and reputations. With more than $50 billion in combined assets, the GE Insurance Solutions group of companies is one of the world's leading providers of commercial insurance, reinsurance and risk management services. Combining deep practical risk expertise with GE's business acumen, our dedicated professionals in 28 offices around the globe help customers understand and manage risk more effectively. More information is available at www.geinsurancesolutions.com.

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