Germany 'Growing' Biodiesel

Some 1.1 million tons of the rapesee-based biodiesel fuel, nicknamed "flower power", were produced by about 20 manufacturers in 2004 in Germany, and sold by 1,800 petrol stations.

Published: 31-Jan-2005

Berlin - Germany is looking to messier energy sources to produce cleaner fuel, showing the world that it is possible use all-natural plant and animal products to run cars and heat homes.

In a famously ecological country, innovators have backed away from belching gas guzzlers and looked to new energy sources such as gas from liquid manure, rapeseed diesel and wood-burning electric power stations.

The "Green Week" in Berlin, Europe's biggest agricultural fair, has given centre stage to cleaner forms of energy whose sources can be found right on the farm.


The D1 Lola B2K is only capable of 200mph, some 15mph slower than its petrol-powered competitors, but Lola hopes that, as it will need fewer pit stops to refuel, it could be quick overall.


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