Native Alaskans Campaign Against Oil Drilling

Groups form Hawai'i-Arctic Hulahula Alliance to 'to defend federal lands and waters now under threat from Big Oil and Big Government'.

Published: 30-Jan-2005

A group of Native Alaskans is wrapping up a tour of Hawai'i, calling for opposition to Bush administration proposals to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildllife Refuge.

The drilling issue is a divisive one in Alaska, where some native groups -- and both of that state's U.S. senators --  favor drilling. Supporters argue that oil from the refuge would lessen American dependence on foreign supplies and produce thousands of jobs.

In addition to concerns about environmental effects, critics of the plan say even if drilling is approved, no oil would flow from the refuge for a decade, and it would have little effect on oil imports or fuel prices.



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