Strange Bedfellows and Hybrid Economics

How much money will you save by buying a gas-electric hybrid depends on what price you place on American freedom.

Published: 29-Jan-2005

id cars can make for strange bedfellows.

What do uber-Hawk James Woolsey and ulta-environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio have in common? Yep, they both drive Toyota Priuses, but for totally different reasons.

Where former spook-master Woolsey sees his car as a way to fight terrorism by reducing the imported oil he has to buy to fuel his car and get to work at Booz Allen Hamilton, Hollywood heart-throb DiCaprio drives his because it just pollutes a lot less and is about as environmentally benign as you can get for a gasoline car.

This phenomenon of converging energy and environmental interests appears to be gaining momentum, with the conservative "right" increasingly finding common ground with the "liberal" left.



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