Climate Change: Firm Action Called for Amid Catastrophic Warnings

Both the dangers posed by climate change and some of the mitigation solutions available were outlined this week, as global warming dominated the headlines.

Published: 29-Jan-2005

The week started with the International Climate Change Taskforce releasing a report calling for the creation of a G8-Plus Climate Group to engage the US and major developing countries in action to reduce greenhouse gases.

It recommends that Tony Blair should seek agreement for the creation of the group as chair of the G8 this year.

The G8-Plus group would pursue partnerships to achieve immediate deployment of existing low-carbon energy technologies and argues that all G8 countries should set a lead by adopting national targets to generate at least 25% of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025.


China and India are among the world's fastest growing economies whose GHG emissions are outpacing their national incomes. Photo of boy working in light bulb factory courtesy of Fayetteville State University.


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