Have Electric Bike Will Travel

Malaysian company seeks to introduce electric bicycles in the country.

Published: 28-Jan-2005

IMAGINE riding your bicycle uphill minus the huffing and puffing and you hardly have to sweat because you no longer have to pedal. That’s how it feels when you ride an electric bicycle. Equipped with a climbing ability of 10°, the bicycle makes going up a hill a breezy ride. 

While similar to an ordinary bicycle, an electric bicycle comes with an electric motor of not more than 750watts that can power it to top speeds of 20mph. With the electric bicycle, all you have to do is to rest your feet on the pedals and control the speed at the handlebars.  

Lambang Jauhari Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company involved in the sale, marketing, assembling and manufacturing of electric vehicles, has seen potential in the business of electric bicycles and now wants to introduce them as well as electric mini-bikes and electric wheelchairs in this country.  


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