Extreme Hunting Machines Include Electric 'Bad Boy Buggies'

Top speed on the electric utility vehicle is 22 mph, and the cruising range between battery charges is 28 miles. At the end of the day, plug in the battery charger and the rig is fully charged in about eight hours.

Published: 28-Jan-2005

(KRT) - At the Dallas Safari Club Convention and Hunting Expo recently, Market Hall was jammed with displays to make an outdoorsman drool. None of the gizmos caught my attention like the spectrum of customized hunting vehicles.

Since my first deer-lease partner's Army surplus Willis Jeep that seemed unstoppable in rough and rocky Hill Country terrain, I've been fascinated by the inexorable development of increasingly better hunting vehicles.

At the DSC expo, you couldn't get in the door without bumping into mind-boggling truck and utility vehicle conversions. In fact, a Dallas company called Extreme Hunting Trucks had its display outside the entrance.



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