Fuel Efficient Mega Truck Helps Business Bloom in UK

Small delivery truck comes in both diesel version that gets 56 miles to the gallon and a battery electric version.

Published: 28-Jan-2005

Mega Delivery Van When Tara Winslet decided to establish her retail florist outlet in Dunstable, she knew that keeping costs to a minimum was essential to ensuring that her business could remain competitive with established competitors.

One key cost to any florist business is the delivery of flower arrangements and bouquets to clients. Tara Winslet chose the 479cc diesel Mega delivery van as a unique solution to her needs. Not only was it affordable and economical, but it also attracted a lot of attention for the new business.

Parked outside the flower shop the distinctive, floral liveried Mega constantly draws the attention of passers by and doubles as a mobile advert for Tara’s Flowers as it makes deliveries around Dunstable and the surrounding area.



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