Providence Approves Purchase of Its First Hybrid Cars

The Water Supply Board plans to buy two Honda Civic hybrids -- at a cost of about $20,000 each

Published: 26-Jan-2005

PROVIDENCE -- Officials are making plans to purchase the city's first hybrid vehicles, to be used by the Providence Water Supply Board.

The request to authorize the purchase of the cars was approved by the city Board of Contract and Supply on Jan. 11.

The purchase is yet another example of efforts by city officials and Mayor David N. Cicilline to make City Hall operate more effectively and efficiently, according to a statement from the mayor's office. Last year, the City Council passed an ordinance requiring city departments to consider fuel-efficiency when buying new cars.


Playing catch-up a decade late, the world's auto giants now find that they have to lease or buy technology from Toyota.

Spc. Jeffrey Hamme and Staff Sgt. Michelangelo Merksamer of HHC, 1/506th Infantry, point out features of the Hybrid Electric Humvee at the AUSA Annual Meeting earlier this month. The two Soldiers participated in a Military Utility Assessment of the prototype vehicle last month at Fort Campbell, Ky.

Ford's 'Hybrid Patrol,' a 10-city initiative this fall that aims to show hybrid drivers how to drive for best fuel economy. EV World photo of Bill and Lisa Hammond on way to first Ford Patrol event in Detroit during stop-over in Omaha.


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