Silencing Science: U.S. Seeks to Purge Report on Warming

Oregon newspaper editorial criticizes Bush Administration for not only denying global warming is a problem but for actively surpressing dissent within the government

Published: 26-Jan-2005

Once again the Bush administration is trying to impose its "What, me worry?" attitude toward climate change on the rest of the world.

Last November, Bush administration officials squelched an effort by Arctic nations to endorse mandatory carbon controls to counter global warming. Now, the administration is trying to purge a United Nations action plan of all references to climate change as a potential cause of future natural calamities.

For the Bush administration, global warming has become a matter of political will over flashing red-light reality. Driven by a toxic blend of denial, subservience to industry and ideological distrust of apolitical, fact-based science, Bush already is signaling that he intends to spend the next four years dragging his feet on this most critical of issues.


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