It's Cute... And Efficient

Palmetto couple invests in neighborhood electric car that minimizes pollution

Published: 24-Jan-2005

Morey and Gail Oster love their neighborhood electric vehicle, which saves them money and space.

The bright red vehicle looks like a space capsule, and takes up a lot less room in the garage than the Oldsmobile. And it costs a whole lot less to run - about $1 a day in electricity, and no gas bills.

Their neighborhood electric vehicle, or NEV, could easily be mistaken for glorified golf cart, but that's where the resemblance ends.


Under proposed legislation, the Low Speed Vehicles powered by batteries would be allowed only on roads with a maximum speed limit of 35 miles an hour - the same rule as in most of the states that allow them. GEM neighborhood electric vehicle pictured below.

The 2004 Lido 'Woody' neighborhood electric vehicle decked out to resemble Chrysler PT Cruiser is far cry from the original electric golf carts of the past. Photo courtesy of


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