Interest in Diesel Vehicles Rising in UK with Oil Prices records a 28 per cent increase in the number of people considering a diesel car as their next purchase.

Published: 22-Jan-2005

A used car database has recorded a 28% increase in the number of people considering a diesel car since the end of the summer.

The sudden jump comes off the back of increased speculation about rising fuel prices, especially since the price of a barrel of oil had topped the $50 a barrel mark.

As a result, car buyers are considering the more economic derv models over their petrol counterparts as the price at the pumps hits an average of 87.09 per litre and 84.67p respectively. Compared with October last year, the cost of fuel has risen by more than 11%, says

The web site says diesel models currently account for 18% of all privately advertised vehicles on the market. Figures show that new diesel sales have rocketed in past five years from 13.8% in 1999 to a record high of 37.2% last month.

The top 10 most searched diesel-powered models on since October 7 have been:

1. Peugeot 206

2. Renault Clio

3. Ford Focus

4. Ford Mondeo

5. Citroen Xsara Picasso

6. Fiat Punto

7. Vauxhall Astra

8. Renault Megane Scenic

9. Vauxhall Corsa

10. Land Rover Discovery

"Motorists are considering the cost of running their cars more than ever before. Inherent to this is the belief that a diesel will be more economical than petrol to run," commented Cardata spokesman Andrew Sobell.

"The sudden upward shift once again highlights how people see the cost of fuel immediately hitting their pocket, before considering other costs such as depreciation, insurance or servicing."


Technology allows diesels to meet toughest upcoming emissions rules; automakers' hybrid alliances show lack of belief in gas-electric future.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it will introduce five diesel models beginning this fall. Honda, BMW, Nissan and the Chrysler group each confirmed plans to add diesels to their lineups over the next three to four years. Photo: Mercedes E-320 BlueTec diesel.


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