Is It Time for Energy Wars - Part 2?

Canada is contemplating restricting foreign investment (read 'energy starved' China) in its energy industry, but has to make sure not to rile its neighbor to the south.

Published: 22-Jan-2005

T face=Times>Can it be true? Is Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal government really contemplating tighter restrictions on foreign state-owned (read Chinese) investment in Canada's oil patch?

Twenty-five years after their last pitched battle over who runs the energy sector, is Ottawa seriously prepared to take on Alberta again?

From Beijing, where the Prime Minister has been busy promoting trade, the answer seems to be a qualified maybe.

"I believe that the ownership of the company (involved in making any investment in Canada) is a valid consideration for government to look at," Martin told reporters yesterday. "We welcome Chinese and foreign investment in Canada, but we only welcome it on the basis that it is good for Canada."



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