Toyota Ramp Up in US Production Likely to be SUVs

Cho told journalists in Detroit last week that Toyota will decide by this summer where in North America to add production of a hybrid vehicle, but not necessarily in a new plant.

Published: 21-Jan-2005

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to add capacity in North America -- most likely for production of SUVs.

The company says it will move quickly. The fast climb in its U.S. sales is pushing Toyota to add capacity sooner than expected, said Yoshimi Inaba, senior managing director in charge of the Americas operations group.

Toyota shot past 2 million sales in the United States last year -- six years ahead of the schedule it says it set for itself in 1999.


2006 model introduces slight styling changes, additional safety equipment and added amenity options including leather seats.

Toyota engineers demonstrated the steering controls in the 180-kg unit, which can reach speeds of up to 50 kph.

By the end of October, the largest Japanese automaker said, its worldwide hybrid vehicle sales totaled about 513,000 units.


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