Ford Electric Pickup Trucks May Get Reprieve

Sacramento protest by Ranger EV owners and environmental groups causing Ford to reconsider its position on terminating the leases and crushing the electric-powered pickup trucks

Published: 19-Jan-2005

Motor Co. said it would meet today to discuss how to accommodate a handful of California drivers who are refusing to turn in their leased, electric-powered Ford Ranger trucks, which the carmaker wants to scrap.

One owner in the tug-of-war is David Bernikoff-Raboy, whose lease on his zero-emissions truck ended in April. Hoping to keep the vehicle, he has continued making monthly lease payments.

The software designer/ rancher from Catheys Valley in Mariposa County has been camping out at the Downtown Ford dealership on 16th Street with a handful of supporters protesting the carmaker's decision to discontinue leasing its electric-powered vehicles. His truck, along with a similar one owned by William Korthof of Pomona, are parked at the Sacramento dealership in protest.

Since the protest started Friday, the automaker has changed its stance. Carolyn Brown, a Ford spokeswoman in Dearborn, Mich., said the company would find a way to "make these owners happy." She estimated fewer than 100 of the trucks are still on the road and most of their leases expire soon.


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