Electric Car Protest Continues in California

Environmental campaigners continue their 'sit-in' at Ford dealership to protest Ford's plans to crush their oil-free, zero-emission Ranger electric pickups.

Published: 19-Jan-2005

US environmental campaigners have entered the fourth day of an extraordinary protest against Ford, over the attempted recovery of electric vehicles leased by the company. EV owners Dave and Heather Bernikoff-Raboy, Bill Korthoff and a host of pro-environment, human rights, medical and renewable energy groups are urging Ford to allow them to purchase their leased Ranger EV trucks - in line with original contract arrangements – in the face of the company attempting to end the leases.

The campaigners are holding a round-the-clock ‘car-sit’ at Downtown Ford in Sacramento.

"I am outraged by the termination of Ford’s electric vehicle program," said Heather Bernikoff-Raboy. "The technology is practical and available now. Over my three and half years of driving an all-electric pickup truck, at least one hundred people asked me, ‘Where can I get one?’. And that’s just from one person driving one EV truck."


Cleaner cars were the focus of the 2005 Tokyo Auto show, but for this reporter, the Eliica -- pictured below -- was the highlight.

Eight-wheeled, all electric Eliica may be build in small numbers, say designers.

The wheel robots, complete with their own suspension, remove the need for a drive shaft and even the engine block, freeing up designers to make new use of the space in the car.


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