For Some Commuters, Electric Cars Worth the Switch

Chicago-area commuters find big savings in their converted electric vehicles.

Published: 19-Jan-2005

CHICAGO -- When Ted Lowe tallies how much he has shelled out for gasoline this year, he gets a knot in his stomach.

"Those prices are really high," Lowe says of pump prices that have been around, and generally above, $2 per gallon for weeks.

Lowe's total for 2004: $32.


Garini Group of Brazil has placed their initial order for 2,255 units for shipment to the Evader/Garini assembly plant in Manaus, Brazil.

XEBRA 'City Car' is a unique design suitable for urban, non-freeway driving.

$150,000 Wrightspeed X-1 competed in a race with $170,000 Ferrari and a $400,000 Porsche.


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