Near-Zero Emission Coal Power Plant Edging Closer to Reality

FutureGen project would create world's first coal based, zero emissions power plant form production of electricity and hydrogen in Southern Illinois.

Published: 18-Jan-2005

lass=small11 align=left>Legislation sponsored by Senator Gary Forby to help bring the important FutureGen project to Illinois is now law.

The FutureGen project, designed to bring the federal government's National Energy Technology Laboratory to Southern Illinois, is a 10-year commitment by the State of Illinois and the federal government ot help create the world's first coal based, zero emissions power plant.

"This shows that the Governor is aware how important this project is to the coal industry in Illinois," Forby said. "This project will increase the prestige of Southern Illinois as well as bringing needed jobs to our region."

The FutureGen project is a $1 billion partnership of government and industry to design, build and operate a nearly emission free, coal fired electric and hydrogen production plant. This plant will serve as a large scale engineering laboratory for the testing of new, clean power and coal to hydrogen technologies. It is part of a package that the Governor and the Legislature has initiated to help bring back the coal industry that was devastated in the early 1990's by federal clean air legislation. "The Economy of Southern Illinois relied on the coal industry for years," Forby said. "This will help bring back that industry and put Illinois at the forefront of clean coal technology for decades to come."



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