Fuel Cells Are No Joke And They Don't Need Oil

After attending the 2005 Detroit Auto show, AMEINfo editor-in-chief Peter Cooper warns that the advent of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles -- as demonstrated by the GM Sequel -- 'should give anyone in the Middle East a sleepless night'.

Published: 17-Jan-2005

Imagine the economic impact of a technology that replaces the internal combustion engine on the Middle East. It is not a fantasy. General Motors will have fuel-cell cars in production by 2010, and the Japanese are said to be about two years ahead.

The talk of the Detroit Motor Show was the future of the fuel-cell, and AME Info was invited to a presentation by GM about this new technology at its design headquarters in Detroit.

The difference with this technology is that is actually happening. There is a prototype hydrogen-fuelled, fuel-cell vehicle called the Sequel, and it will be cheaper to make and better to drive than a petrol-driven vehicle.



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