When Gear-heads Rule Its All About Speed

Columnist Jeremy Cato sees emphasis on horsepower as smacking of a lack of imagination in Detroit

Published: 13-Jan-2005

Horsepower. Horsepower again. And then some more of it. From the V-8-powered Chevrolet Impala (300 hp) to the massively gutsy Dodge Viper coupe (500 hp), to . . . Well, it would have been hard to swing a cat in the Los Angeles Convention Centre and not hit some new model that can't rip from 0-100 km/h in seven seconds, six seconds, five or less.

Frankly, it puts this car scribe in the uncomfortable position of having to say it all smacks of a decided lack of imagination. Yes, the Los Angeles Auto Show is a much less important venue than the Detroit show, which comes a few days later, but this is just a little sad -- especially when you consider how creative and interesting L.A. car culture is. There is much more to the Southern California auto scene than bored-out small blocks and crackling headers.

I mean, we are talking about the town that gives us the delightfully bizarre cable TV show Pimp My Ride. In fairness, the Pimps showed up, working for General Motors of all people.


The current prototype fuel cell-powered Tucson has a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour and a cruising range of some 300 kilometers.

The F-Cell vehicle employs a 72-kilowatt fuel cell system. The vehicle can travel up to 100 miles on a full tank of about five pounds of hydrogen.

The Fine-T's interior features a substantial amount of plant-sourced, 'carbon-neutral' materials.


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