Sustainable Energy Develops Solar Energy Application

Calgary firm tests renewable energy management system for PV.

Published: 10-Nov-2000

CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 10, 2000--Sustainable Energy Technologies (CDNX:STG.) is pleased to announce that it has successfully commissioned and is currently field-testing its first renewable energy management system for a solar power installation.

The system is rated at 3.8kW, and integrates photovoltaic panels and batteries to supply power for critical circuits. The system incorporates both patented and patent-pending power conversion technologies that Sustainable Energy has developed for the fuel cell industry.

Sustainable Energy is a Calgary based public corporation that is developing and marketing power management and power conditioning products for emerging alternative energy technologies and distributed generation markets. Its goal is to be a leader in providing reliable multiple power source integration and power quality solutions in three key markets: (i) power management and conditioning for alternative energy technologies such as fuel cells and micro gas turbines; (ii) power source integration and power conditioning for premium power markets in North America and Europe and for emerging distributed generation markets in South America and Asia and (iii) the integration of renewable energy resources in both grid-connected and grid-independent applications.

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