For US Automakers Talk is 'Green' But Money Still on Gas Guzzlers

For all the talk of change, the US market continues to be dominated by power and style as green marketing far outpaces the manufacture of energy-efficient vehicles.

Published: 12-Jan-2005

General Motors Corp., which sells the gas-gobbling Hummer, urges Americans to "Get Green" on a special website and is producing advertising campaigns trumpeting hydrogen fuel and gas-electric hybrid vehicles.

Ford Motor Co., with the poorest average fuel economy of any major automaker, markets its new hybrid sport utility vehicle in Mother Jones and other politically left magazines and has planted energy-saving grass on the roof of its newest truck plant.

After years of pushing power and performance, the US auto industry has begun to view conservation as a marketable quality. But automakers are stepping cautiously, and so far the green marketing is far outpacing the manufacturing of energy-efficient vehicles.


Give car designers a theme, let their imaginations go crazy and the result is the Los Angeles design challenge.

Key to Detroit's future: Safer, snazzier, smarter, greener cars, including introduction of hybrid-electric version of popular Toyota Camry pictured below.


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