Connecticut to Reduce Global Warming

General Assembly plans to study 55 options that include reducing diesel emissions from buses and trucks through use of low-sulfur fuels and better engine technology.

Published: 12-Jan-2005

McCarthy used to drive a family van which got 20 miles to the gallon.

The state's new head of the Department of Environmental Protection now drives a Toyota Prius, one of the new hybrid gas-electric cars. It gets 45 mpg.

"It's a great car,'' McCarthy said. "People don't have anything to be afraid of when it comes to hybrid engines. Maybe the oil companies do.''

If enough people drive a smaller, more fuel-efficient car, it would help clean the air and less oil would be pumped from the ground.


Technology allows diesels to meet toughest upcoming emissions rules; automakers' hybrid alliances show lack of belief in gas-electric future.


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