Talk of Oil Decline Moving Into the Mainstream

Talk of peak oil is moving from obscure energy workshops and technical journals into the social consciousness via books, National Geographic and other magazines and college curriculum.

Published: 08-Jan-2005

Until about five months ago, Mel Hutto had never heard of "peak oil," the belief that global oil production will decline and never return to the levels that have nourished American lifestyles.

Now the 66-year-old retired business consultant says he will change his lifestyle and campaign in his hometown of Bellingham, Wash., about the need to reduce reliance on oil.

"We're going to be without oil. The whole industrial culture will at some point start breaking down," said Hutto, who, out of curiosity attended a conference on the topic in this southwest Ohio town. "I tried to think this wasn't real and wasn't really going to happen."



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