What Dimwit Wrote These Warning Labels?

Scooter label warning,'This product moves when used', part of contest to find the 'Wackiest' warning labels.

Published: 07-Jan-2005

ing: This column could cause damage to your sense of the ridiculous.

The Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch issued its Wacky Warning Label Contest winners this morning. The winner was a toilet brush sign admonishing "Do not use for personal hygiene."

A spokesman for the group said the competition is designed to highlight how lawsuits have resulted in the "need for common sense warnings on products."

It is an indictment against our way of life, that almost all products - from the pillows we sleep on to the meals we eat - need to carry a warning. If there is a way to misuse a product, someone has tried it. If they can gain financially from that misuse, someone has probably tried that too.


Gasoline prices skyrocketing? No need to worry with a motor or electric scooter one gallon of gas will last for weeks.


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