Invasion of the iPod People

The machines will not take over the world with evil-looking, armor plated monstrosities - they will take over with adorable mp3 players and computers that come in the color "tangerine."

Published: 11-Jan-2005

finally broke down and got an iPod. My life is now complete; I have officially become as lazy as everyone else. We can’t manage to save the rainforest, cure SARS or come up with a better alternative to fossil fuel, but dammit, scientists have insured we can listen to “Toxic” anywhere, anytime and with a really cute interface.

The iPod craze is so widespread that society has created a certain etiquette around the iPod. You don’t bug people while they are listening to their iPod. I’m not just talking social taboo here, but a matter of life or death. IPod listeners are in their own little iWorld. While in this world, they are dangerously oblivious to the happenings around them.

Here’s a math problem for you: If four people listening to their iPods were riding towards the intersection of death just after 11 a.m. classes let out, how long would it take the ambulance to get there?

So in a way, listening to your iPod is like being in the Matrix. The iPod users believe they can defy reality while listening to their iPod. Instead of defying gravity, they defy social conventions by doing the air-guitar in the middle of a Great Aunt Betty’s funeral.



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