Arnold's Hummer

The H2H puts lipstick on the pig by turning a vehicle whose urban fuel economy is about 10 miles per gallon (filling the tank routinely costs over $50) into a futuristic, alternatively-fueled car whose main tailpipe emission is water vapor.

Published: 05-Jan-2005

In what the company has called a "bold experiment," Hummer has prepared a hydrogen-powered version of its H2 SUT (sport utility truck), the H2H. The vehicle is not intended for production, and a Hummer spokesperson said yesterday in a phone interview that the company will not divulge the prototype's development cost.

Hummer's parent, General Motors, owns the H2H and shares it with the office of the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a recent statement, Schwarzenegger said that the purpose of the prototype is to "demonstrate the economic and technical viability of hydrogen." He had said during his gubernatorial campaign that he was interested in alternative fuels and one day would go so far as to own a hydrogen-powered Hummer.

California is making a pioneering effort with its Hydrogen Highway Network, an initiative that combines the efforts of industry and government to develop the state's infrastructure, research and market for hydrogen cars. Hummer, a maker of the some of the most fuel-inefficient and wasteful automobiles in the world, presumably wanted a part in this venture because Schwarzenegger already likes the brand's cars, and because the company is trying to change its image.


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