Growers Work on Renewable Oil Sources for Vehicle Fuel

Yakima Valley grow has identified one variety of canola that is 'heads and shoulders above the average' while requiring less water.

Published: 04-Jan-2005

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. - Lower Valley researchers are looking for a renewable fuel source that could reduce dependency on imported petroleum and give farmers a new cash crop.

"Our oil prices are rising and there is more interest in alternative fuel," said Ted Durfey, owner of Natural Selection Farms Inc., a Sunnyside composting firm researching canola for use in biodiesel.

"Biodiesel production from seed crops promotes sustainablility for one of our nation's greatest renewable resources - agriculture," he said.


The D1 Lola B2K is only capable of 200mph, some 15mph slower than its petrol-powered competitors, but Lola hopes that, as it will need fewer pit stops to refuel, it could be quick overall.


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