Northern Ireland Tries Small Wind Turbine in Public Housing

Lucky tenants of Northern Ireland's public housing provider should be getting quarterly cheques instead of electricity bills from now on.

Published: 03-Jan-2005

The occupants of two semi-detached houses are the first to benefit from an energy efficiency drive by the Housing Executive, it was revealed today.

The Executive has paid for a small wind turbine to be installed in their tenants` garden as part of an innovative renewable energy project focused on isolated rural homes.

The amount of electricity generated by the turbine should be more than the amount used by the houses, said an Executive spokesman.


As a part of the process announced Thursday, the Bureau of Land Management is amending 52 land-use plans in nine Western states, which Norton said will clear the way for wind farms generating 3,200 megawatts of wind energy

With an area of 568 and 85,000 residents, Phu Quoc's estimated electricity demand in 2005 was at 20,234 MWh, while its diesel-fueled generators produce only 7.5 MW, less than half the island's demand.


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