TidalForce Electric Bikes to be Powered by 'Green Energy'

Eco Moto offers 1000 kW renewable energy green tags offered to offset environmental impact of energy used to power eco-friendly Tidalforce Bikes, eGO scooters, electric bike conversions and conventional gas scooters.

Published: 03-Jan-2005

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) January 3, 2005 -- Jon Schlee, President of Ecomoto announced today that he will offer complementary tradable renewable energy certificates better known as Green Tags as part of their “Ride the Wind Today” campaign.

“These 1000 kWh Green Tags are enough clean power to re-charge our Wavecrest Tidalforce bikes once per day for over 4 years” said Schlee. “We have a responsibility to protect our planet from the harmful effects of conventional energy generation. By providing a free 1000 kWh Green Tag, our customers reduce approximately 24,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, at least 67 pounds of nitrogen dioxide, 55 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 172 grams of Mercury produced by conventional enery production". Ecomoto purchases the Green Tags from two sources and will also sponsor up to 1000 kWh of “Blue Sky” wind energy for customers of Utah Power and Light.

Ecomoto provides alternative transportation solutions both at their shop located at 250 South 1300 East in Salt Lake City and worldwide on the web at www.ecomoto.net website. Detail of their “Ride the Wind Today” offer and information links on “Green Tags” can be found at their site or by contacting them at 801-583-3390.

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